CNC Swiss Turning CNC Swiss Turning

CNC Swiss turning offers higher speed and greater accuracy, eliminating handling for secondary operations and providing more one-off flexibility part production. The use of live tooling, Y-axis and sub spindles provide cost savings by machining complex parts complete in one set-up. Equipment features spindle speeds up to 10,000 rpm and include magazine bar feed capabilities to help ensure consistent ongoing production.

Maximum Capacity: 1.250 / 32mm diameter


Twin spindle equipment allows for simultaneous machining of the front and back of parts, thus reducing cycle times and part handling. This improves product throughput time when multiple operations are required; lowers manufacturing costs by reducing non-value added operations; streamlines shop floor process flow; and helps increase production efficiencies.

Maximum Capacity: 8” diameter

Through SpindleThrough Spindle

Magazine bar feed and live tooling provide complete part production in a single holding, saving time and direct labor. Features include cross drilling, tapping, milling, hobbing, thread rolling, polygon cutting and thread whirling.

Maximum Capacity: 3” diameter

OD Rubber Grinding OD Rubber Grinding

Technology developed at C&L Supreme provides straight, plunge and contour OD grinding for rubber molded shafts and cores up to 4” diameter and 16” long.